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Anti-Assad Islamic militants seize parts of air base | Reduction

January 31, 2013

Anti-Assad Islamic militants seize parts of air base

Syria 2007 008 Damascus Bashar al-Assad

Syria 2007 008 Damascus Bashar al-Assad by David Holt London
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In this Sunday Jan. 6, 2013 photo Syrian rebel fighters take their positions in foxholes on the frontline of the ongoing battle for the military airport in Taftanaz, Syria.  / AP Photo/Mustafa Karali BEIRUT Hundreds of Islamic militants fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad seized parts of a strategic northwestern air base Thursday after weeks of battling government troops for control of the sprawling facility. At stake is the biggest field for helicopters used to bomb rebel-held areas in the north and deliver supplies for regime forces. Opposition fighters and activists said rebels broke into Taftanaz air base in the northern Idlib province Wednesday night and by Thursday had seized control of more than half of it. Intense battles were still raging, and one activist said rebels had suffered losses. NATO reports another Scud launch in Syria, but what are the Scuds hitting?


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President Bashar Assad

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Jabhat al-Nusra

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Rami Abdul-Rahman

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-0.0617557 “If the fighters seize full control of Taftanaz air base and manage to keep it, it would be the first major military airport to fall into rebel hands,” said Rami Abdul-Rahman, …
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City: Taftanaz

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City: Damascus

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City: Tehran

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City: Aleppo

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Country: Syria

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Country: Iran

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Country: U.S.

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Country: Syria.

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Facility: Britain-based Syrian Observatory

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Facility: Mehrabad airport

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StateOrCounty: Idlib

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Organization: government

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Organization: NATO

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Organization: Foreign Ministry

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Company: Associated Press

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Anti-Assad Islamic militants seize parts of air base

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Permanently losing control Taftanaz air base would be a major embarrassment to President Assad and the Syrian regime


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